TN406-Soilpressure2-wheel-3003Instructions on how to build.

The railbeam must be placed on ground with sufficient capacity to carry the corner load from the crane.

Use gravel compressed to minimum 300 kN/m2 or use macadam.

Place the railbeam by means of the lifting brackets.

When building the underlay be aware of the width of gravel under the railbeam, see drawing below.

To estimate base under the Railbeam, see Calculation/Base on top of this page.
The railbeams are connected with  a pair of fishplates between the rails and 6 bolts between the beams.


As the cranes local position is not known to us, we make certain reservations for capacity of soil and situations where strong wind will have influence on the cranes stability. With storm we recommend to anchor the crane.
By mounting RAILBEAMS on steel plates it is recommended to place a material with higher friction coefficient between RAILBEAM and steel plate.

There are three types of endstops:

1. Electrical end stop: The electrical power is disconnected.

2. Sliding end stop: Will reduce the speed of the crane

3. Permanent end stop: This endstop is bolted to the rail.