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The Railbeam is a double partition steel beam with a fixed rail in a length of 6 meter. The Railbeams are connected during fishplates and bolts in the end plates.  The Railbeam is constructed for cranes on rail. Corner load up to 3000 kN for  4-wheel bogies. Base for the Railbeams are compacted gravel or macadam, depending on the corner load.

for_rentRail Beam for – SALE

Railbeams are sold in many countries for different types of cranes.

Contact us for quotation and base consulting. The Railbeam  replace concrete sleepers. Base for the Railbeam is compacted gravel or macadam, depending on the corner load. Please click on CALCULATION/BASE in top of page to see conditions for different corner loads.

for_saleRail Beam for – Rent

In store we have Railbeams for rent. Please contact us for quotation.

Alternative rent with option to buy. Rent can in some cases be more lucrative.

consulting Base Consulting

For calculation in specific cases we can assist. Please see table HERE>>

 Articles and other info.

Railbeam improved our jobsite.
A new way of handling railgoing cranes.

After using Railbeams in several years Jesper Bøgh, Kran Elektro states following;
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